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oNglcDefinition of usefull constants
oCGLC_3DRepGLC_3DRep : A referrence 3D Representation
oCGLC_3dsToWorldGLC_3dsToWorld : Create an GLC_World from 3ds file
oCGLC_3DViewCollectionGLC_3DViewCollection : GLC_3DViewInstance flat collection
oCGLC_3DViewInstanceGLC_3DViewInstance : GLC_3DRep + bounding box
oCGLC_3DWidgetGLC_3DWidget : The base class for 3D user interface class
oCGLC_3dxmlToWorldGLC_3dxmlToWorld : Create an GLC_World from 3dxml file
oCGLC_AbstractManipulatorGLC_AbstractManipulator : Base class for all manipulator
oCGLC_ArrowGLC_Arrow : OpenGL 3D Arrow
oCGLC_AttributesGLC_Attributes : User attributes of instance and reference
oCGLC_AxisGLC_Axis : 3d Widget axis use to translate objects
oCGLC_BoundingBoxGLC_BoundingBox : Geometry bounding box
oCGLC_BoxGLC_Box : OpenGL Box
oCGLC_BSRepGLC_BSRep : The 3D Binary serialised representation
oCGLC_BSRepToWorldGLC_BSRepToWorld : Create an GLC_World from BSRep file
oCGLC_CacheManagerGLC_CacheManager : The 3D Rep Binary cache manager
oCGLC_CameraGLC_Camera : OpenGL perpective viewpoint
oCGLC_CircleGLC_Circle : OpenGL 3D Circle
oCGLC_ColladaToWorldGLC_ColladaToWorld : Create an GLC_World from dae file
oCGLC_ConeGLC_Cone : OpenGL 3D Cone
oCGLC_ContextGLC_Context : Encapsulates OpenGL rendering context
oCGLC_ContextManagerGLC_ContextManager : Manager a set of GLC_Context
oCGLC_CuttingPlaneGLC_CuttingPlane : 3d cutting plane widget
oCGLC_CylinderGLC_Cylinder : OpenGL 3D Cylinder
oCGLC_DiscGLC_Disc : OpenGL 3D Disc
oCGLC_ErrorLogGLC_ErrorLog : handl GLC_lib error log
oCGLC_ExceptionGLC_Exception : Base Class for all GLC_Exception Class
oCGLC_ExtrudedMeshGLC_ExtrudedMesh : An Extruded mesh defined by a list of points, *a direction and a distance
oCGLC_FactoryGLC_Factory : Factory for all geometrical objects this class is a singleton
oCGLC_FileFormatExceptionGLC_FileFormatException : Class for all File Format ERROR
oCGLC_FileLoaderGLC_FileLoader : Create a GLC_World from file
oCGLC_FlyMoverGLC_FlyMover : Fly Mode interactive manipulation
oCGLC_FrustumGLC_Frustum : OpenGL Frustum
oCGLC_GeometryGLC_Geometry : parent class for all geometry
oCGLC_ImagePlaneGLC_ImagePlane : Viewport background image
oCGLC_InterpolatorGLC_Interpolator : Matrix interpolation class
oCGLC_LightGLC_Light : OpenGL Point Light
oCGLC_LineGLC_Line : OpenGL 3D Line
oCGLC_Line3dGLC_Line3d : Math 3d line representation
oCGLC_LodGLC_Lod is a Level of detail index and accuracy
oCGLC_LogGLC_Log : Base class for GLC_lib log
oCGLC_MaterialGLC_Material : OpenGL surface material properties
oCGLC_Matrix4x4GLC_Matrix4x4 is a 4 dimensions Matrix
oCGLC_MeshGLC_Mesh : OpenGL 3D Mesh
oCGLC_MeshDataGLC_MeshData : Contains all data of the mesh
oCGLC_MoverGLC_Mover : Base class for all interactive manipulation
oCGLC_MoverControllerGLC_MoverController : Control activation of interactive manipulation mover
oCGLC_ObjectGLC_Object is base class for some GLC class
oCGLC_ObjMtlLoaderGLC_ObjMtlLoader : Load the mtl file associated to a OBJ File
oCGLC_ObjToWorldGLC_ObjToWorld : Create an GLC_World from obj file
oCGLC_OctreeGLC_Octree : represent space partioning implementation with octree
oCGLC_OctreeNodeGLC_OctreeNode : A node of Space partioning implemented with octree
oCGLC_OffToWorldGLC_OffToWorld : Create an GLC_World from off file
oCGLC_OpenGlExceptionGLC_OpenGlException : Class for all OpenGL error
oCGLC_PanMoverGLC_PanMover : Panoramic interactive manipulation
oCGLC_PlaneGLC_Plane : Math plane representation
oCGLC_PointGLC_Point : OpenGL 3D Point
oCGLC_PointCloudGLC_PointCloud : OpenGL 3D cloud of points
oCGLC_PointSpriteGLC_PointSprite : OpenGL 3D Point Sprite Using extension : GL_ARB_point_parameters
oCGLC_PolylinesGLC_Polylines : OpenGL 3D Polylines
oCGLC_PrimitiveGroupGLC_PrimitiveGroup : Triangles, Strip and fan index
oCGLC_PullManipulatorGLC_PullManipulator :
oCGLC_RectangleGLC_Rectangle : OpenGL flat 3D Rectangle
oCGLC_RendererGLC_Renderer : Is used to store and retrieve overload rendering properties
oCGLC_RenderPropertiesGLC_RenderProperties encapsulate the render properties off all GLC_3DViewInstance class
oCGLC_RenderStatisticsGLC_RenderStatistics is use to collect render statistics
oCGLC_RepGLC_Rep : Abstract class for a reference represention
oCGLC_RepCrossMoverGLC_RepCrossMover : Cross representation
oCGLC_RepFlyMoverGLC_RepFlyMover : Fly representation
oCGLC_RepMoverGLC_RepMover : Base class for all interactive manipulation representation
oCGLC_RepTrackBallMoverGLC_RepTrackBallMover : Track Ball representation
oCGLC_RotationManipulatorGLC_RotationManipulator :
oCGLC_SelectionMaterialGLC_SelectionMaterial : Material used for selection feedback
oCGLC_SelectionSetGLC_SelectionSet : GLC_StructOccurence and primitive selection set
oCGLC_SetTargetMoverGLC_SetTargetMover : Define the view target
oCGLC_ShaderGLC_Shader : OpenGL shader abstraction
oCGLC_SpacePartitioningGLC_SpacePartitioning : Abstract class for space partitionning
oCGLC_SphereGLC_Sphere : OpenGL 3D Sphere
oCGLC_StateGLC_State store GLC_lib state
oCGLC_StlToWorldGLC_StlToWorld : Create an GLC_World from stl file
oCGLC_StructInstanceGLC_StructInstance : A scene graph instance node
oCGLC_StructOccurenceGLC_StructOccurence : A scene graph occurence node
oCGLC_StructReferenceGLC_StructReference : A scene graph reference node
oCGLC_TextureGLC_Texture : Image texture
oCGLC_TraceLogGLC_TraceLog : handle GLC_lib trace log
oCGLC_TrackBallMoverGLC_TrackBallMover : Track ball interactive manipulation
oCGLC_TsrMoverGLC_TsrMover : Translationn scaling and rotation interactive manipulation
oCGLC_TurnTableMoverGLC_TurnTableMover : Turn table interactive manipulation
oCGLC_Vector2dGLC_Vector2d is a 2 dimensions Vector
oCGLC_Vector2dfGLC_Vector2df is a 2 dimensions Vector
oCGLC_Vector3dGLC_Vector3d is a 3 dimensions Vector
oCGLC_Vector3dfGLC_Vector3df is a 3 dimensions Vector
oCGLC_Vector4dGLC_Vector4d is a 4 dimensions Vector
oCGLC_ViewportGLC_Viewport : OpenGL Viewport
oCGLC_WireDataGLC_WireData : Contains geometries's wire data
oCGLC_WorldGLC_World : The Root of GLC_Lib Scene Graph
oCGLC_WorldHandleGLC_WorldHandle : Handle of shared GLC_World
oCGLC_WorldTo3dsGLC_WorldTo3ds : Export a GLC_World to a 3ds file
oCGLC_WorldTo3dxmlGLC_WorldTo3dxml : Export a GLC_World to a 3dxml file
\CGLC_ZoomMoverGLC_ZoomMover : Zoom interactive manipulation

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