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glc_primitivegroup.h File Reference

interface for the GLC_PrimitiveGroup class. More...

#include "../glc_ext.h"
#include "../glc_global.h"
#include "../glc_config.h"

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class  GLC_PrimitiveGroup
 GLC_PrimitiveGroup : Triangles, Strip and fan index. More...


GLC_LIB_EXPORT QDataStream & operator<< (QDataStream &, const GLC_PrimitiveGroup &)
 Non-member stream operator.
GLC_LIB_EXPORT QDataStream & operator>> (QDataStream &, GLC_PrimitiveGroup &)

Detailed Description

interface for the GLC_PrimitiveGroup class.

Definition in file glc_primitivegroup.h.

Function Documentation

GLC_LIB_EXPORT QDataStream& operator<< ( QDataStream &  ,
const GLC_PrimitiveGroup  
GLC_LIB_EXPORT QDataStream& operator>> ( QDataStream &  ,

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