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glc_renderproperties.h File Reference

interface for the GLC_RenderProperties class. More...

#include "glc_material.h"
#include "../glc_global.h"
#include <QSet>
#include <QHash>
#include <QtOpenGL>
#include "../glc_config.h"

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class  GLC_RenderProperties
 GLC_RenderProperties encapsulate the render properties off all GLC_3DViewInstance class. More...


namespace  glc
 Definition of usefull constants.


enum  glc::RenderMode {
  glc::NormalRenderMode = 0, glc::OverwriteMaterial = 1, glc::OverwriteTransparency = 2, glc::OverwriteTransparencyAndMaterial = 3,
  glc::PrimitiveSelected = 4, glc::OverwritePrimitiveMaterial = 5, glc::BodySelection = 6, glc::PrimitiveSelection = 7
 Geometry rendering mode enumeration. More...
enum  glc::RenderFlag { glc::ShadingFlag = 800, glc::WireRenderFlag, glc::TransparentRenderFlag, glc::OutlineSilhouetteRenderFlag }
 Geometry rendring flag enumaration. More...

Detailed Description

interface for the GLC_RenderProperties class.

Definition in file glc_renderproperties.h.

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