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GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo Struct Reference

#include <glc_repmover.h>

Public Attributes

QVector< GLC_Matrix4x4m_MatrixInfo
QVector< GLC_Vector3dm_VectorInfo
QVector< double > m_DoubleInfo
QVector< int > m_IntInfo
QVector< QString > m_StringInfo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 43 of file glc_repmover.h.

Member Data Documentation

QVector<double> GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo::m_DoubleInfo
QVector<int> GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo::m_IntInfo

Definition at line 48 of file glc_repmover.h.

QVector<GLC_Matrix4x4> GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo::m_MatrixInfo
QVector<QString> GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo::m_StringInfo

Definition at line 49 of file glc_repmover.h.

QVector<GLC_Vector3d> GLC_RepMover::RepMoverInfo::m_VectorInfo

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